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We have a few frequent topics that occurs.


What's the best DAW?

The one you are already using. Sometimes it's hard to see that when it seems like everyone around you uses something different than you. If your'e not taking full advantage of what your current DAW can do for you, it will always seem not so great.

What's the best computer for music?

Honestly, it depends. In some cases the system you currently have might work fine. The main issue most of the times is that people store everything on their computer which will slow it down. Try purchasing an external hard drive to offset your pictures, videos, and music files. This will speed your computer up tremendously. If you feel you need more power, any newer model computer is faster and better optimized for mostly anything these days.

What is an External Hard Drive?

An external hard drive is extra storage space for all the files you don't want on your internal drive. Your internal drive is usually where the operating or boot system lives.

Why do I really need an external drive?

In theory, you want this for better performance overall. For instance, if you buy into Native Instruments echo system you will quickly find that their files are huge and you may not have enough space on your system. So an external hard drive is necessary.

What to look for?

The cheaper route: try going for a 7200rpm rotary disc

Recommend route: SSD - Solid State Drives for faster performance


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